Florian grew up in the east harbor of Amsterdam. He’s a true dreamer and creator of panoramic soundtracks and songs.


Since focusing his career on composing and sound design, Florian uses his broad musical upbringing to create emotive soundscapes and scores. With influences ranging from Chopin-like melodies to Brian Eno's ambient work, he seamlessly combines classical and electronic elements, creating a sound that can best be described as minimal and evolving.

Years of experience as a musician make him a versatile and easy to work with producer. After graduating in music production at the conservatory, he also knows his way around the technical side of things. While working at Studio Sound Enterprise with Frans Hagenaars, he was able to gain a lot of know-how before moving to Berlin to develop his own musical imprint.

Being a one-man company, Florian is the perfect fit for independent and artistic filmmakers. However, strengthened by his musical network, he is also able to fit in any larger team, adjusting his workflow to the specific needs of the project at hand.